Ion-Plasma Nitriding and ECO-GLO™ Case Hardening

The Ion-Plasma Nitriding process is accomplished inside a vacuum chamber with a precisely controlled atmosphere of nitrogen, hydrogen, and other gases. The atmosphere is ionized using a combination of convection heating and pulse-DC electrical current, resulting in atomic absorption of nitrogen into the surface of metal components in the chamber. The temperature range of the process is between 800°F and 1,200°F, making Ion-Plasma Nitriding virtually distortion-free for your critical precision components.

"Ion-Plasma Nitriding is virtually distortion-free for your critical  precision components."

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Ion-Plasma Nitriding Vacuum Chamber


ion nitriding process
The Accurate Ion Technologies ECO-GLO™ process is a cost-effective alternative to conventional gas nitriding, with economical masking and reduced cycle time. Components to be treated are placed on the cathode, while the vacuum chamber acts as the anode. After a vacuum is established in the chamber, precisely controlled amounts of hydrogen, nitrogen, and other gases are introduced into the chamber. DC electrical current is applied to the cathode, producing a “glow discharge.” This “glow discharge” ionizes the hydrogen and nitrogen, and the electrical potential between the anode and cathode accelerates the movement of ionized hydrogen and nitrogen toward the components being treated.
ECO-GLO™ provides hardness ranges from 55 to 70+ Rockwell C and hardness depth from .002 to .020 inch. The ECO-GLO™ process is also virtually distortion-free. Because of reduced processing temperatures, your components achieve greater surface hardness while maintaining dimensional stability. In-process stress relief is a vital part of the ECO-GLO™ process. Masking is accomplished by simply interrupting the glow seam in the area to be masked. It is simple and cost-effective with no plating involved.

Accurate Ion Technologies is the Preferred Choice for Advanced Ion-Plasma Nitriding.

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