How long has Accurate Ion Technologies been in business?

Accurate Ion Technologies was founded in 1998 by Mike Bastian and Ron Loynds and has been in continuous operation ever since.

Where is Accurate Ion Technologies located?
Accurate Ion Technologies is located at 10010 South Miller Way, South Gate, California, just southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Does Accurate Ion Technologies have a line card?
Yes. Get our line card.

Can I download an Accurate Ion Technologies W-9 form?
Yes. Get our IRS form W-9.

What are the size capacities at Accurate Ion Technologies?
Accurate Ion Technologies can handle your components up to 33” in diameter x 90” in length.

Does Accurate Ion Technologies offer services in addition to Ion-Plasma Nitriding?
Yes. Accurate Ion Technologies is a full-service company offering you a wide range of services in addition to Ion-Plasma Nitriding, including Application Engineering, Research and Development, Metallurgical Testing, and Tooling Design.

How does the Ion-Plasma Nitriding process work?

The Ion-Plasma Nitriding process is accomplished inside a vacuum chamber with a precisely controlled atmosphere of nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases. The atmosphere is ionized using a combination of convection heating and pulse-DC electrical current, resulting in atomic absorption of nitrogen into the surface of metal components in the chamber. The temperature range of the process is between 800°F and 1,200°F, making Ion-Plasma Nitriding virtually distortion-free for your critical precision components.

What is ECO-GLO™?

ECO-GLO™, our proprietary Ion-Plasma Nitriding process, is the most advanced case-hardening process available today for steel materials. Your ECO-GLO™ treated components develop increased surface strength and durability while maintaining dimensional integrity throughout the process - no post-treatment machining is required.

Our ECO-GLO™ OXY-NIT process supplements the ion-plasma nitride case with an oxide layer in order to enhance the tribological and corrosion properties of your components. Depending on the substrate material and the resultant ion-plasma nitride case, your component surface will develop an ebony-type finish. The oxide layer can improve sliding wear characteristics by providing a semi-porous lubricant retention layer. A complex oxide layer can also be developed to improve the corrosion resistance of your nitrided component. Depending on the material and nitride process, the oxide layer can double or triple the corrosion resistance of your treated components.

How do you mask component surface areas that do not need to be treated?
Masking for Ion-Plasma Nitriding is accomplished by simply interrupting the glow seam in the area to be masked. It is simple and cost-effective with no plating involved.

Does Accurate Ion Technologies provide pick-up and delivery service?
Absolutely. We have a fleet of fourteen trucks and provide free, daily pick-up and delivery service from Ventura and Santa Clarita in the north, the inland empire in the east, and south to the Mexican border.

How do I find out more about your services?
Simply call us at (562) 928-1868 or email us with any questions about our services.