Ion-Plasma Nitriding has a Variety of Applications

Accurate Ion Technologies has developed ECO-GLO™ - an ion-plasma nitriding treatment designed to produce a uniform-diffused, nitrogen-enriched, high-hardness case with anti-galling and anti-seizing properties. Your ECO-GLO™ treated components will exhibit dimensional stability with reliable and repeatable surface morphology.

"Ion-Plasma Nitriding is virtually distortion-free for your critical  precision components."

ECO-GLO™ is well-suited for these materials

Alloy Steels Containing (Cr, Al, Mo, V, W, Ti)
Nitriding Steels
Medium Carbon Chrome Steels
Chrome & Chrome-Vanadium Steels
Stainless Steels (300, 400, PH)
Tool Steels

Ion-Plasma Nitriding Applications

Tooling for Die Casting, Forging & Extrusions
Plastic Molds
Metal Working
Composite Tooling
Power Transmission Components

High-Performance Engine Components
Hydraulic System Hardware
Powdered Metal Components

Ion-Plasma Nitriding is an extension of the gas nitriding process. Using ion-plasma physics in nitriding allows for precise control of the process and produces surface-treated components with a distinctive and repeatable thermo-chemical diffused case.

The vacuum process combines convection heating with ion “glow discharge” to precisely heat the surface of your components and allow for the absorption of the available atomic nitrogen controlled by mass flow. This nitride potential (Kn) control allows for the development of repeatable microstructure morphology of gamma prime and epsilon iron nitrides, as well as for control of the compound zone thickness (white layer).


Using ion-plasma physics in nitriding allows for precise control of the process, and a repeatable thermo-chemical diffused case.

Features and Benefits of the ECO-GLO™ Process

Nitride Case

High Hardness (600-2,000HV) (70+ Rc)

Solid State Solution

Fatigue Properties Increased Tensile and Yield Strength
Elongation Maintained
Residual Compressive Stresses

Distortion & Dimensional Control

Uniform Growth
Up to 10% of Case Depth
No Transformation Cooling
Reduced Treatment Temperature
Reduced Distortion


Case Depths .002 to .020 inch
Ability to Retain Core Properties
Ability to be Selectively Applied
No Plating or Painting Required

Accurate Ion Technologies is the Preferred Choice for Advanced Ion-Plasma Nitriding.

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