Accurate Ion Technologies was established in 1998 with the introduction of the ECO-GLO™ process for Ion-Plasma Nitriding. ECO-GLO™ is the most advanced case-hardening process available today for steel materials. Your ECO-GLO™ treated components develop increased surface strength and durability while maintaining dimensional integrity throughout the process - no post-treatment machining is required.

"Ion-Plasma Nitriding is virtually distortion-free for your critical  precision components."

ion nitriding process

With five modern, large-capacity Ion-Nitriding units, Accurate Ion Technologies provides you with the flexibility and fast turnaround that keeps you ahead of your competition. And, our partnership with Accurate Steel Treating brings you decades of heat-treating and metallurgical knowledge. Both companies offer you the unbeatable combination of experience and state-of-the-art technology in one location.

Accurate Ion Technologies is a full-service company offering you a wide range of services including Application Engineering, Research and Development, Metallurgical Testing, and Tooling Design. In addition, fourteen delivery trucks and our team of radio-dispatched drivers provide you with free, daily pick-up and delivery service over a 15,000-square-mile area in Southern California.

"At Accurate Ion Technologies, we perform Ion-Plasma Nitriding for some of the most critical commercial applications on earth - and for some of the most demanding customers.

Our proven track record for quality and delivery, and our company-wide commitment to outstanding customer service, make Accurate Ion Technologies your preferred choice for advanced Ion-Plasma Nitriding. Contact us today to learn more."

Our Equipment

ion nitriding equipment

Accurate Ion Technologies offers you the latest available technology in Ion-Plasma Nitriding equipment. Our five state-of-the-art ion nitriding units can accommodate your components up to 59” diameter x 94” long. Each of our units is integrated with a computer-control system that regulates the entire Ion-Plasma Nitriding process, from start to finish, with digital precision and complete documentation.

Our in-house metallurgical lab supports our Ion-Plasma Nitriding operations with micro-hardness testing to verify case-depth and microstructure confirmation. We verify that your parts are processed in strict accordance with your requirements and specifications.

Our combination of ultra-modern equipment, in-house metallurgical analysis, and decades of hands-on heat-treating experience brings you a level of quality and reliability that is unmatched in the industry. Contact us today, and let us show you what Accurate Ion Technologies can do for you.

Some of the Industries We Serve

defense - fighter jet
aerospace - space station
automotive - automobile
hydraulics - food packaging equipment
energy - turbine engine
tooling - injection mold

Accurate Ion Technologies is the Preferred Choice for Advanced Ion-Plasma Nitriding.

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